"South London's premier, international, gay and bisexual, socialist folk band (as far as we know)."

About us

The Black Smock Band grew organically out of a series of folk nights in London in 2010. Our musical roots are from the traditions of English folk music, though we  combine this with a range of influences to create our unique sound.  In authentic folk fashion we sing about their own lives and the social changes we are living through. As well as writing our  own material, we adapt traditional folk songs to explore their relevance to our own times.

We're a live band at heart, and gigs range from melancholic songs of lost love to full-tilt raucous rabble-rousing that brings people to their feet to dance and sing along. We've played some exhilarating nights at a few of London's famous venues including: Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, The Jamm in Brixton, Boogaloo in Highgate, and Shoreditch Town Hall. We've been involved with various collaborations too, and are currently developing a project with Daedalus Theatre Company.

The Black Smock Band are: Andy Bannister, Matt Beattie, Paul Burgess and Dan Cox.

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