We made this to mark ten years since we played our very first gig on St George's Day in 2010. So let's celebrate our Greek/Turkish patron saint of England with his Italian flag, as well as the birthday of Shakespeare and ten years more of South London's Premier Gay, Eco-Socialist Folk Band with this song, specially recorded for the occasion!

Here's our first music video. A reworking of the traditional song 'I Wish'. Filmed on the last days of South London's Heygate Estate before its controversial demolition. Video by Luke Heanue, music arranged and recorded by The Black Smock Band

A video for our song 6000 Miles - a Black Smock Band original!

A playlist of video clips from our gig at The Gallery Cafe, Bethnal Green, London, Jan 2020, in aid of AKT.

A few songs from our Spring Queer Folk Session at the Apple Tree pub, Clerkenwell, London on 01 03 20: Bread and Roses, The Fields of Athenry and Peat Bog Soldiers

Our rendition of Peat Bog Soldiers - originally written by political prisoners of the Nazis and later taken up across Europe as an anthem for freedom. ¡No Pasarán!‬

The Black Smock Band rehearsing the Glasgow Reel, Deptford, July 2019

A quick recording of Drunken Idiot we did to advertise a gig.

We've been included in the East Archive, an online collection of stories and songs gathered through the East community storytelling project, led by Daedalus Theatre Company and Bishwo Shahitto Kendro. You can see the full archive here. 

Here's a trailer and a promo for Mobile Incitement Unit, the project we're doing with Daedalus Theatre Company.